Bob Gough

Dr. Gough is Managing Director of Chatham Hill, working in data and predictive analytics firm that advises companies from early stage to Fortune 500. He has over 30 years of experience in management, operations, investment banking, and institutional capital markets. He has consulted with senior decision makers at some of the world’s largest Fortune 500 companies including Bank of America, ING, Microsoft, PPG Industries, Boise Cascade, and United Technologies. 

Dr. Gough is also Senior Lecturer in Management at the University of New Hampshire, he also lectures in the Executive Development Program for corporate leaders about various topics in Innovation. 

Amber Dempsey

Amber is a Marketing Communications Associate working in Boston with a background in public relations. She holds a Masters of Science in Corporate and Organizational Communications with a concentration in Social Media from Northeastern University. She brings organization and social media vision to the non profit.

Amber and LAS founder, Elton Chingapa, were classmates at Gordon College in Massachusetts

Julianne Gauron

Julianne is a designer with over a decade in sports and apparel innovation. Her design work centers on field ethnography and the other half of the time she is a storyteller and photographer who travels the world bridging the gap between peoples. She started working with LAS in 2018 when she visited Kangoma to stay with Elton and Modesta, help with the framing of the school and shoot imagery for the organization.

Julianne has taught at RISD, spoken at MIT, Tufts, SXSW, Struktur, been published in Entrepreneur and Misadventures Magazines, among others.