Our Impact

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Number of Students in LAS per year
students who continue all four years,
graduates from form four,
students who achieve high marks
accepted to college

Alumni network returning to speak to students about college/career opportunities

Study at LAS = College = Jobs



Budgets and Timelines

2019 (year 1)

Raise $80,000, covers :
Purchase land specified outside of Kangoma
Initiate and complete build of 8 classroom school
Partner w Malawian based Intl non profit to install solar array for independent (and reliable) electrical supply for school
Partner w Malawian based Intl non profit to install safe drinking water for students and international guests, plumbing
Basic school supplies, desks, chalk boards, minor expansion of library
2 years of Tuition for 7 teachers a year

Begin building of dorm facilities

Develop clear curriculum for all 4 years working with board members

2020 (year 2)

Complete building of dorm facilities
Build 4 simple western style bungalows for donors and guests (train students in hospitality industry)
Create teacher trade program to enable Gordon College Teachers to come for a year, bringing english language expertise and culture to LAS

Start technical agricultural program (to supply school with fresh food, students with jobs, and look to future processes)

Once Electrical is reliable create computer program to promote technical skills

Develop sports programs for young women

2022 (year 3)

Build dining hall facility
More teacher housing

Dev high tech hydroponic agricultural program, collaborate internationally

Expand science and technology facilities

2023 (5 years)

2029 (10 years)



Five and Ten year Plan